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PIECES - New repertoire for Tenor-horn



Pieces for a Belgian Instrument,

the Tenor-Horn

I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you!


I have embarked on a new endeavor titled "Pieces for a Belgian Instrument, the Tenor-Horn." The wonderful news is that our Flemish government has granted funding to expand the repertoire for the tenor-horn.


With this support, we will soon see the emergence of 10 new compositions tailored for the Tenor-Horn. First and foremost, I extend heartfelt gratitude to our government, and allow me to provide you with further details.


All pieces are currently being crafted for the Tenor-Horn with Brass Band accompaniment initially. Later, they will also be made available with piano accompaniment, ensuring accessibility for performers at recitals and concerts with their own bands.


Among these compositions are four larger pieces (10 minutes or more) and six fantastic additions suitable for both serious and lighter programs. Additionally, two arrangements will be included in this project.


You may be wondering, "Is this really new repertoire?" Indeed, a significant aspect of this project is to offer fresh and engaging pieces for the instrument while also introducing the Tenor-Horn to audiences unfamiliar with its solo capabilities.


Two arrangements will be particularly notable: one of a famous song by Toots Thielemans (Belgium's foremost figure in Jazz Music), and the arrangement of the Gliere Horn Concerto. These arrangements serve as a unique avenue to introduce our instrument to diverse audiences.


I will share more details about these fantastic arrangements in the near future, but for now, let's turn our attention to the main highlight:

Edward Gregson has crafted a wonderful new CONCERTO for the Tenor-Horn.

Info Gregson

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